A great Asia Tour with a sad end 13.08.02

After the Uber-Cup Final in Guanghzou in May the season was finished. But I already planned the next Asia tour five weeks later. My plan was to play Malaysia-Open first, after that I planned to practice for two weeks in Jakarta and visit my friend in there and last but not least I planned to play Taiwan-Open. So I only had a break for one week and then I started to practice again because I had to prepare for the tournaments. After my great results in the last months it was not a big problem for me to practice again because I had a good feeling and also a good motivation. Sometimes I felt some pain in the back but it didnít prevent from practicing. I practiced four times a week with my indonesian coach Bram Fernandin, I went running about four or five times a week and I did a lot of weigh training. So I can say that I was good prepared for the tour.

As we arrived in Malaysia we started to practice soon and I felt okay but not really good because I had pain in my back. I tried not to think about it and practiced two times a day. A few days later the tournament started and I had a really bad draw. I mean, it is really unlucky if 32 players take place and I had to play against the number two seeded Hong Kong Chinese. But thatís Sport, sometimes you have a good draw and sometimes a bad one! Like expected I lost easily in two sets against the later semi-finalist. At that time I had not really a chance to bring her in trouble. The same happened in ladies doubles as I lost with Juliane Schenk, my new double partner, against the later semi-finalist Joanne Goode and Gail Emms from England. The tournament was finished early for me and so I had time to find some treatment for my back. I got a treatment and after that I felt a little bit better and practiced again. But the pain was still there.

After staying one week in Malaysia I went to Jakarta, where I wanted to meet my best friend Vita and to prepare for Taiwan-Open. As I arrived in there everything was arranged by her and I felt like in paradise. I had the opportunity to practice in a club, where I was able to use all facilities. The only problem I had was my pain in the back. It started to get worse day by day. In the second week of my stay in Jakarta I decided together with my friends Vita and Carmen, a doctor herself, to go to the doctor. He made an x-ray of my back and we all were really confused as we saw a point on my lung exactly there where my pain was. After that the doc meant that it would be better if I go back home instead of going to Taiwan, because we didnít know what it was. At that moment I was afraid and sad at the same time because I realized that I have to change my flight. On the next day I already sit in the plane back to Germany.

As I was back home I went to the doctor and showed him my x-rays. He found out that my pain in the back has nothing to do with the point on the lung. So I had to go to a lung specialist to check it. For my back I needed some treatment because all the muscles were stiff. At the same day I also visited a dermatologist because I had a mole on my back which changed the size and the colour in the last half year. As he saw this mole he said that we have to cut it away as fast as possible because it looked not good inside. I had an operation on the next day, where they cut this suspected mole away. One week later I got the bad news that I had a tumour!!!!  I was really shocked about that and started to cry. But then they said I was lucky because the tumour was not that deep. I had a lot of examinations and all results were negative! They also found out that the point on the lung is nothing special.

On August 5th I have to go to the hospital again for about 10 days, because Iíll have a second operation. Only for safety reasons!

I often have to think about that story. As I saw the point on the lung I thought that it could be a tumour. But then the tumour was not at this point but a little bit deeper! Thatís crazy! Maybe it should be a signÖ And all this were founded out because I had pain in my back!!!

By the way I wanna say thanks to my wonderful friend Vita. She did all for me and she made my stay in Jakarta as nice as possible. Finally SHE was it who brought me to the doctor...

Well, right now itís not easy for me to realize what happens. But my family, my boyfriend and all my nice friends here and abroad they all give me the power to fight against this. Thanks to be here for me! I hope Iíll get well soonÖÖ..


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