Bundesliga-Results Bayer Uerdingen First Half

21.09.02     Lüdinghausen-Bayer Uerdingen        2:6
28.09.02     Bayer Uerdingen -Langenfeld           6:2
29.09.02     Ludwigshafen-Bayer Uerdingen        1:7
06.10.02     Bayer Uerdingen -Wiebelskirchen     8:0
12.10.02     Bayer Uerdingen -Friedrichshafen     4:4
13.10.02     Bayer Uerdingen -Bonn Beuel           8:0
20.10.02     Südring Berlin-Bayer Uerdingen        4:4

After the first seven matches I'm  second with my club Bayer Uerdingen after Südring Berlin.Well, I'm really satisfied with my matches after my break this summer for about 2 month. I could win all my matches together with the danish player Rikke Olsen.
On November the 16th the second half of the Bundesliga will start and I hope that I'll be successful with my team. Our goal is to win the German Championship again.
Before the Bundesliga will start again I'll take part in three tournaments (Dutch Open, Danish Open, German Open). I'll tell you about that in a few days...
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