Scottish Open in Glasgow 21.-24.11.02

It was the first time I took part in Glasgow at the Scottish Open. The tournament took place in the same hall where we played the European Championships 2000. I only had good memories of this tournament…

But the tournament started not really good for me. I was seeded in singles and lost directly against a Russian player. After the match I was really disappointed but you could see that I have to play more matches to come back. It was important for me to forget singles and start concentrating in doubles. I was really down after loosing singles but we had a good start in doubles and our focus and concentration has been too good for our opponents. In the first round we beat the best Canadian pair easily and also the second round against an English-Russian pair has been no problem for us. We reached the quarter final where we met the second seeded pair from England. After winning the first and loosing the second set we found back in the match and won the third set easily. We reached the semi final which meant a big success for us at this time. It was a great feeling to be in the semi final. We met a Japanese pair, who won the Toulouse Open in the week before. But we had no respect and played our best match ever. After winning the first and loosing the second set we had our first match point after 1h15min. We could win the match and were really happy to reach our first common final. I would say that it was my best doubles I ever played. Now we reached the final of the Scottish Open. But on the next day we couldn’t play because of unlucky circumstances…

In two weeks I’m going to play the Irish Open in Lisburn. I will write an article about it and hope it will be successful again.


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