Irish Open in Lisburn 05.-08.12.02

Two weeks after reaching the final of the Scottish Open we hoped to get also a good result in Ireland. Juliane and I we were the only two players from Germany. All of the others played the BMW-Open in Saarbrücken. At this time I was at the army for about four weeks and it was not possible to get more than two days off. That was the reason why we decided to play Irish Open and not BMW Open (Ireland started on Friday and BMW on Wednesday). And it was a good decision…

In singles I was No. 2 seeded and had a really bad start. I played against an English player and could win in three close sets. I played really bad but I won… I had to accept that I couldn’t practice that much because of the army. I also had a little operation one week before the tournament. On my right arm they cut two small moles away because they looked a little bit suspect. In the second round I felt much better and won easily against a Scottish player. In the quarter final I met the Scottish Open Winner from Japan. In both sets I was leading high but I couldn’t win one of the sets. I think that I can beat her if I’m in a good shape.

Now I had the full concentration for doubles. In the first round we played against an English pair and we won in two sets but our concentration was not the best. We made a lot of easy mistakes. In the quarter final we met a pair from Iceland and we won easily. We reached the semi final again, where we had to play against the second seeded English pair. We were leading high in the first set but then we lost control and lost the set. But in the next two sets we played much better and we could win the match luckily. Like in Scotland we reached the final of the Irish Open, where we met the best English pair. In the first set we had not really a chance and lost. But then we changed our tactic and finally we could win the second set. The third set was well-balanced but at the end we had no more ideas and played a little bit stupid. It was a close match but we were second again…

Well, I would say that we played two really good tournaments and I hope that we learn from this for the future.

In the New Year my first tournament will be the Portugal Open from 09.-12.01.03. I’ll write about it directly after the tournament.


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