Swiss Open in Basel 03.-07.03.04

After the success at Thomas and Uber Cup qualification in Slovakia, we were the second best team after Denmark for both Thomas and Uber team and hereby were qualified for the final in Jakarta in May, so I had a whole weekend to recover. I used these free days for training, because recently it was impossible due to the tournaments.

Before Swiss Open in Basel, there was still the Bundesliga Play Down against Ludwigshafen. Unfortunately, I was ill and couldnít play, so I couldnít help my team to win. I was very dissapointed that I was ill in this critical match, but you canít choose when you want to be ill, can you? In away match, the rest of the team had to play without me, because I couldnít even just get up due to the very bad bronchitis that i had. After three days in bed, although in a poor condition I had to go to the Swiss Open, because it was very important for the points for the olympic qualification. With no training at all for the last four days and with a bad cough still , I really didnít know how to play my usual, but I would try it and stop when it was impossible to go on.

In the singles I played against the Japanese, who had already briliantly fought in the Qualifications, and against who I lost last year. The match was determined by  many rallies and I had really big breathing problems. But no matter what, I gave my best and she couldnít easily defeat me. After I lost in the first game, I fought even harder in the second game and I won the second game. If   I didnít make an unforced error in the third game, I could have won the match. But sometimes things donít go like we want to, although for me it was ok. On

 the same evening, we played in doubles against a strong pair from Russia. It was very important to get points from this match, because otherwise the points from the first round wouldnít  be so helpful. From the beginning the game was so close and we were so concentrated that the people could see if we really wanted to win. Due to the super support from outside, there were many fans, my parents and friends, we could win the first game with 15-10. But after that, we really lost concentration, didnít know why, and we were left with 0-11 behind. We found then back our rhythm and could catch 11-13 nearer. Unfortunately it wasnít enough to hold this second match and we lost 13-15. In the third one, it happened again and they led with 3-10, but then something happened..........   I tried to concentrate with my game and Juliane with hers. We didnít communicate with each other anymore on the field because it took our concentration off from the match in this moment. And that was the secret of our success!!! We overtook the russians and we could after all really turn the match around and after a glamorrous catch-up chase, we won this deciding game with 15-12. I was extremely happy, all the more since I didnít feel well and I had such a bad pain in the bronchi.

On the next day we met in the eight-finals with the first in the World Rank List, Zhang Jiewen und Yang Wei of China. We had nothing to loose in this match and we played very cool. We made a very good game so that both the Bundestrainer (German national teamís coach) and spectators were very impressed with our performance. After around 35 minutes it was time for us to say good bye to the super spectators and tournament and we were very pleased with our result.

It was my 14. participation since 1992 in the Swiss Open and I must say, I would always like to come back to Basel even though it didnít always go like I thought before. But the nicest thing is that my parents, my sister and my friends are able to see me playing, because my hometown, Schopfheim, is very near from Basel. So I would like to thank you all guys for the super support and especially my mother, who made me fit again.

After the tournament I will take a break for a few days, because next week the All England Open, the biggest tournament in Europe, will take place. I will report to you everything that happens there. Hope you all wish me luck for the last olympic qualification.


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