All England Open in Birmingham 10.-14.03.04

Iíve just been one day at home after the Swiss Open before I  played to All England Open. I felt much better and started training again. Luckily I played just at Thursday, I cancelled to play in the singles because of my poor condition, so I still had two days in Birmingham to train and I was back at my usual form. By the way, we had a bad draw (again) and we had to   play against the Japanese, Yamamoto / Yamada. This was our fith match with the Japanese Yamamoto / Yamada, seeded at number 8 in this tournament. We could have won only once until now and the closest match was in Singapore where we lost 13-15 in the third set. In the rest of the matches we didnít have any chance at all.

This time we played very confident from the beginning and very well so that they had no chance. We led 12-0 and dominated the game until they found their usual game and came nearer with 12-8. But after all we could win this set with 15-8.

I believe they were very surpriesed from our dynamic performance and they gave their best in the second set to overtake us and succeeded. We played so further like in the first set, but this time it was for us much harder, we made some unforced errors and the score became even, although I still had the feeling that we dominated the game like before and that we could take this second set. At the end of the second set, they led with 16-14. After some match points from them we came nearer and led 16-14. We had our first match point with 16-16 and until this point none could close this set. We closed this set (finally) with 17-16 after 75 minutes. In the first moment I couldnít believe, that we had won this match. I would say, that was our best performance at all. The eight-finals took place also on the same day. We played against the Indonesian pair, Natsir and Apriliana. It was a little bit easier, because they are very young and have still little experience. We played very well and didnít give them any chance. We won 15-3 and 15-1 and hereby were in the fourth-finals. This time we played against the world number one pair from China. Unfortunately we have been so tired that we couldnít repeat our performance from Swiss Open. They were so good that we couldnít keep the shuttle on long rallies alive. They defeated us with 15-2 and 15-4. What a pity, but the Chinese are really special in women single and unstopable in women double.

We come nearer to the olympic with this latest result. I think we can start to learn greek now :o)

There are four tournaments now left, where we can collect points before itís closed. I will naturally inform you. Just see back what is new here.





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