Dutch International in Wateringen 25.-28.03.04

Before we travelled to Asia, we would ďtryĒ our Luck first in the Dutch International in Wateringen. We didnít play in the singles, because in such small tournaments, it doesnít help us to reach many points. We were seeded at number one like we expected because most of the players have gone directly to Asia at the weekend so the participation in this tournament was a little bit lower. It would be a good chance for us to win .....

Our first round and the fourth-finals were pretty easy for us, it didnít really put a demand on us. Until now everything seemed good if it wasnít that raven-black Saturday. In the double disciplines we lost all the games which we planned as a certain victories.that brought us in a quite bad mood. When our time came, we played really chaotic. On my side, I was totally unconcentrated and I played unsystematic. It was getting worse because of the bad mood and we couldnít re-find our game. There was also the fact that our opponent have played really well this day. We lost in two sets and left the tournament already in the half-finals. It was annoying, especially because it would have been a really good chance to get  180 points, but with so many tournaments we canít always keep the top performance. We just tried to forget this match as soon as possible and to remind us the good matches from the last week, what was really important for us considering Asia next week.

How it went in Korea and Japan, you will read the report as soon as I come back. Wish me luck for the last tournaments.



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