Korea Open in Chungju City 30.03.-04.04.04

From the Dutch International it went directly from Amsterdam to Chungju City, where this yearís Korea Open took place. To go there we had to travel more than 200 km with bus after our arrival in Seoul, before we finally arrived the hotel. I had one more day break on the next day, which I used for training, because did not start at the singles.

Fortunately, in the first round we had a solvable task, which we mastered then also with Bravour. While we had lost the last direct match against Natsir and Erlangga of Indonesia in three sets, we determined this time the happening on the Court and could win most of the long rallies. We didnít do many unforced errors and self-confident and so we could win with 15-10 and 15-11 and went further into the eight-finals, which already brought us a quantity of points for the Olimpic Games.  Now we could play calmer against the sixth world rank list Mia Audina and Lotte Bruil of Netherland. We played super from the begining on and after a hard fight we could win the first set with 15-10. Because of a wrong decision directly at the beginning of the second set, we let us out of the play and in the short time were left 0-7 behind, before we came back again in the play. In spite of the bad beginning, we ran over the complete set afterwards and finally lost it with 8-15. In the crucial third set we played again as at the beginning of the game and could lead with 9-4. the followed a couple of slight errors, so that our opponents came more and more nearer. At the end of the set they worked simply sovereignly, while we had uncertainties and coordination problems.

Unfortunately, we lost despite the advantage of 11-15 and were rather disappointed about it. It would have been a realy good opportunity to beat them. At least the match showed me that even one of the best European doubles is not invincible. After the play, it was already 22.30h., I had to go to the Dopingcheck. There joy arises nvertheless again and again....

Untill Japan Open in Tokyo I continued training assiduously to keep myself fit. How did it go there, you will find out next on my website! Just have a look there!

See you soon,



Yourís Nicole


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