Recently I lost my dad and my biggest badminton fan. January 10th was the saddest day of my life when I received a phone call that my dad passed away suddenly. I still can not believe it.


My dad was the one who drove me to my badminton tournaments all over Germany and to my practices when I was a junior. He gave me the opportunity to play and get better and he always was informed about my results and the world ranking position. I would never have been an Olympian without my dad.


We were really close although we were far away from each other. Whether it was sms, emails or phone calls we always communicated almost every day. I could have ask him about anything and he could always give me good advice. He taught me to be honest and strong and he always encouraged me to reach my goals.


He liked soccer, Formula 1 and ski jumping but I made him a badminton fan. He was always excited to see my pictures and would say how lucky I was to see the world at my age. He collected all my newspaper articles over the years. We were both proud of each other and I looked up to him.


He liked flying on a flight simulator and he was all excited to show me on the computer how he landed a plane. He told me about a dream when he was a passenger and had to land a plane because the pilot was unconscious. Because of his experiences with the flight simulator he was able to land it and all passengers were safe and unharmed.


He retired a few years ago but would still take senior citizen on a bus tour every two weeks. He made a lot of people happy with the bus tours. He was worried about renewing his bus license as most people his age fail the test but two days before his death he passed it. The senior citizen will miss him.


He was the best dad, husband and a proud grandpa and he was always there for us when we needed him. He was so happy and proud of grandson Henry and taught him a lot of things. But he had to go before Henry turned 2 years. He planned so many things with him.


We will never know why he had to go so early but we will always remember the nice times we spent with him. The memories of him will live with us.


Rest in peace dad.


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