Good start to 2011

After having a badminton break for a few weeks Charmaine Reid and I captured our second title in 2011 increasing our winning streak to 7 titles in a row. We won the National Capital DC Open at the University of Maryland, with a good win in the semi finals defeating a former #1 player in the world Deyana Lomban from Indonesia and her partner Bo Rong from China. We have played this team a few times before and know it wasn't going to be easy. Lomban has good defense and a solid hit, we had many long rallies over 50 shots but we were able to play a good attacking game to win the match in 2 straight games 21-19, 21-16. In the finals we were up against Daphne Chang and Mingzi Zhang and won handily 21-8, 21-10.

Before heading to the DC Open, Charmaine and I defended our Canadian Elite Series title at the Ontario Open in Toronto. We were pleased with our performance as we took some time off the courts during Christmas. It was important to recover from competing in 26 tournaments last year and I had a good recovery on a cruise in the Caribbean where I went with my mom. In the finals we defeated Michelle Li and Alex Bruce winning in two straight games 22-20, 21-16. In singles I stopped playing after reaching the semifinals as I caught a cold and didn't want to push it. 

These 2 wins add to our winning streak of Santo Domingo Open, Peurto Rico International, Miami Pan Am International, Edmonton Alberta Elite Series, Bahrain International. 

We are ranked #17 in the world this week and planning to play a tournament in Iran in February followed by the All England and Swiss Open in March.

All the best,

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